Northwestern Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

Northwestern Ontario has immense tracts of Boreal forest inhabited by a wide variety of animals. White tail deer are one of those animals and if you are a big game hunter, then you should consider our region. Bucks in Sunset Country are large, heavy-bodied animals with large racks. It is not uncommon to see 300 pound animal roaming the ditches on the side of the highways.

For those hunters looking to do an un-guided deer hunt, staying at Indian Lake Lodge has it's advantages. We will meet with your hunting party and discuss locations that look promising and will even mark them on a map for you. In some cases, the biggest animals are deeper into the bush so you may have to work for it but that trophy buck is definitely out there.

There are thousands and thousands of crown land for our hunters to explore.

We have warm cozy cabins for you to come home to after a cold long day of hunting. For those who don't want to worry about cooking we can have your supper waiting in your cabin for when you return.

If you do succeed on your hunt we have a cold garage to hang your animal and can even set you up with getting your animal quartered or deboned for when you are ready to travel home.