4X4, ATVing & Fly-in Wilderness Adventures

We are located in the heart of some of Canada's finest fishing resources both on our Chain of 9 Lakes and within a short ride to various bush lakes. The experience of fishing a remote bush lake that has little to no pressure is awesome! You can also take a day trip to a remote fly-in lake of your choice.

With our wilderness bush lakes much of the excitement is just getting there. As you travel through ATV trails and mud holes is just the begging of the adventure. Once you come up on one of our secluded lakes you will have a great day of fishing for walleye, bass, musky or trout your choice.

There are a number of lakes to choose from and depending on species will let you know your adventure. The trout and bass lakes are a short portage and trail to one of our boats waiting for you. When going to fish walleye and musky you will jump in our 4x4 jeep and let us take you there.

You take up to 6 people on any one these adventures, with larger groups we would split it into half days so everybody can experience these fun filled adventure at better rates.

If you are interested in a fly-in adventure we simply contact Wilderness Air and set it up for you to be picked up off our docks in the morning and delivered back to our docks in the evening. A little more expensive, but a whole lot of fun.