Things to do at Indian Lake Lodge

We are a family friendly resort and although the fishing is outstanding we all know it is nice to relax and enjoy some different activities during your stay.

For those who have youngsters we have a swing and play structure for them to enjoy. There are sand toys included, but feel free to bring some of your youngsters favourites along.

There are 4 kayaks along with a paddle and canoe. Many families enjoy exploring the shorelines and utilizing these items on hot sunny days. It is an awesome sight in a kayak or canoe after feeding the eagles daily.

We have a beautiful sandy private beach right in front our lodge. You can swim relax, play in the water or simply catch some sun.

We have some outdoor games such as badminton, volleyball, bocci and corn hole. Just ask for the supplies and you c an have a lot of fun.

In the lodge we have books, board games, tv, pool, ping-pong and fuzeball to help entertain those rainy days.

A short five minute walk from Indian Lake Lodge there are some hiking trails. These trails will lead you up to the blue lake diving rocks and area. If you are interested in am adrenalin rush then dare yourself to jump off a 40 foot cliff.

With a 25 minute boat ride down the chain you will find Caves. We can mark it for you if you are interested in checking it out. If you don't like small dark places this may not be something for you. If not you will climb high up and over ledges and down dark crevasses. There is even a water pool inside the caves where you can swim under a rock ledge to another water pool. Pretty scary!!