Ontario Northern Pike Fishing on Backcountry Lakes

Although most of our guests come to Indian Lake Lodge for the excellent walleye and Musky fishing there are good sized pike caught every year.

The lake consists of open water bays, narrow channels, and few islands. It is a relatively shallow lake with many rocks and stick areas. The Indian Lake Chain was introduced to Northern Pike approximently 20 years ago when the damn busted and allowed the pike through, from there they have reproduced and are now found throughout the chain.

You will be surprised at how tasty northern pike can be. Because they are known to have many bones guests tend to not bother eating them, but we take pride in filleting them to remove all bones and wow fresh northern taste amazing.

Spring fishing for Northern Pike on the Indian Lake Chain

Northern Pike are spring spawning fish and congregate in shallow bays during this time. Look for Weedy shallow bays during this time A variety of spoons such as the Five of Diamonds, Dare Devil, Mepps Spinners and shallow trolling baits work well. Brighter colours and perch coloured baits would be colour of choice at this time.

Summer fishing for Northern Pike on the Indian Lake Chain

Once the water warms up you will find the larger pike in drop offs, cliffs and in deeper structure throughout the chain. The smaller northern tend to stick around in the shallow bays, weeded and stick areas throughout the chain.

Fall fishing for Northern Pike

As you are fishing for musky or other species during the fall, feel free to throw a few spinners on your good spots to bring in a few northern for dinner. They tend to be larger during the fall time as they are beefing up for the winter months.